I think people buy art for three reasons:

1. It matches their couch.

2. It resonates with them personally in some way.

3. It tells a story they want to tell.


The number one feedback I get from people who have purchased my art goes something like this:

“We had some people over at our house the other night and one of our guests asked us about your painting and what the meaning of it is. So we told them you painted it at ___(some event)___, and  that it was about ___(some story)___… and conversations like this happen all the time when people come over.”

For me, all the art I make comes from some kind of story. A happening. An idea. Something unknown I’m trying to understand. And also, unabashedly most of my art lands in a conversation about faith…. because I believe all conversations usually lead us to how we think we exist in the world. If we believe in God or we don’t believe in God. If life is the sum of what we can measure or if there is something unmeasurable going on underneath the surface of everything. If we are brief guests to this unforeseen existence or this is all a journey to awaken us to our innate belongingness.


This website is an exploration of those conversations. A story anchored in an image.

Through video and writing I intend to share the story of where these images come from – the manifestation of my own wrestling human journey.

Through image, my hope is that I could help provide imagery for those who are are searching for visuals that represent their own conversations. An image that perfectly depicts something they believe. An image that allows contemplation and growth in something one wants to understand. An image that lends to a conversation one hopes to have with those they’ve gathered.

I hope to give you Art For that Story.



How can I get some art?

All posts will have a link to my Art Shop where you can purchase a print or other products with  your desired image on it.

Are originals available?

If originals are available… it will be posted as such. If you do not see an original available on the post… then that means the original has already found a home.

We like your stories. Can you come and share them with our community?

Absolutely. And I’m awesome at this. I tell a number of stories and always involve art making with the process. You can either click HERE to send me a message or just email me at

How can I receive your latest posts?

Click the appropriate links for:

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What is the Mailing List?

This will be an insider mailing list where I’ll be sharing more vulnerable content, special deals on new art, and periodic free stuff for those who sign up.

Why Black & Gold?

A friend told me that what grad school does for an artist is it gets that artist to the place where they are unabashedly doing the art they want to do. I never went to grad school… but after 10,000 hours of making art… this is just what I want to make now. And it’s badass color scheme… so there’s that.

What do you do with haters?

Haters gonna hate. I’m a maker so I’m just going to make. And I’m going to shake it off. Shake it off.